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Keys Not Working

Any pressed down keys do not register with the computer.

Possible Glitch

Restart the computer. This might solve your issue, especially if it is just a glitch and will correct itself with a restart. If this doesn’t work. Try cleaning your keyboard.

Cleaning The Keyboard

Use compressed air to clean the keyboard. Sometimes dirt and dust can get into the keyboard and solve the problem of keys not working. If liquids were spilled you may need to see a technician.

No Internet Connection

Your laptop will not load webpages or upload files

WiFi Turned Off

One reason for the laptop to fail to connect to the internet is that the WiFi is simply turned off. In this case, the WiFi indicator light, located on the front of the laptop, will be illuminated yellow. To correct the issue, simply press the WiFi connect button on the front of the laptop. When the indicator light is illuminated blue, the laptop is connected.

WiFi Connection Error

The second possible cause is an internet connection error. This could be caused by a password that was entered incorrectly. Either case will be represented by a small caution sign that appears over the WiFi symbol in the bottom right of the screen. If the error is caused by an incorrect password, try reentering the password when prompted, then press “connect”.

Battery Malfunctions

Laptop shuts down suddenly. Battery won’t charge, or seems to drain faster than normal.

Background Software

Make sure to minimize the amount of software usages whenever laptop is running on the battery to help preventing battery shortage; many unused software is still running hidden, which can cause draining battery’s life very quickly.

Clogged Ports

If the laptop won’t charge, check to see that either the wall outlet, or the charging port on the laptop is clogged and needed to clean before using. In addition, try to switch to another wall outlet to limit if the problem is not related to the laptop itself.

Damaged Power Adapter

A damaged power adapter could also be a problem that can cause the battery won’t charge. To test it, remove the battery, then turn on the laptop directly using the power adapter that is connected to the wall outlet; if the laptop is still not on, then the problem might be the power adapter.

Damaged Battery

If all of the above procedures do not work, then this is the final step to follow. The battery of every laptop is removable, which is very easy to replace for this laptop using the Acer Aspire TimelineX 4830T-6682 Battery Replacement guide. However, a new genuine replacement laptop’s battery is very expensive; an aftermarket battery can also work, but it is not guaranteed. So, make sure to try everything first before proceeding to this final procedure.


PC starts to overheat and eventually powers off by itself.

Downgrade OS

If the PC's OS is Windows 8+, it should be downgraded to windows 7 to prevent it from overheating. Since a newer OS requires more processing power, the laptop might be too weak to handle it and start overheating. Downgrading to an old OS will allow the computer to run smoothly and not overheat.

Clean and remove dust

Computer needs to be cleaned up because of possible dust build-up.

Clean insides with rubbing alcohol

The circuit boards could have residue build-up and could mess up with the processing power.

Apply thermal grease

The computer chips can be causing the overheating and thermal grease helps with cooling. The processing chips overheating can be a result of the PC not having enough power to handle the newest OS.

Replace Components

Replace the heatsink and fan if all else fails.

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I run Windows 10 on the old laptop and it runs fine.

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