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Acer Aspire S3-391-6046 Troubleshooting

We will be showing you common problems associated with the Acer Aspire S3-391-6046 laptop and solutions to those problems.

Keyboard is unresponsive

When a key is pressed no text on the screen appears

Number lock is on

When number lock is disabled text will not appear on the screen when a number key is pressed. To turn num lock on press and hold the “Fn” key located on the bottom left of your keyboard next to the windows icon key, sequentially press the “F11” key located on the top right of the keyboard. After pressing the “F11” key, keys may now be left alone.

Trash stuck under keys

When trash is brushed underneath your computers keys the keys will not register as it the trash is disrupting the connection between the keys and your computer. To remove the trash from underneath your keyboard, remove the key with a small flat object and scoop the key out of place. With key cleaner putty stick and remove the trash from your computer and stick the key back into its socket(key removal guide).

Fans don’t work

When the computer turns on, the fans do not turn on and the computer starts to overheat

Dirty Fan

The fans may be dirty, when fans are clogged they are not able to spin; follow the fan cleaning guide ( to suction the filth out of the fan.

Broken Fan

The fans may be completely broken. If you open the fan module and it doesn’t appear to be dirty, there may be something wrong with the fan itself. Obtain a replacement and follow the fan cleaning and replacement guide (fan replacement guide) to install it.

No audio

When a video or sound file is played no sound is present

Mute button pressed

When the mute button is pressed the computer is completely silenced not allowing sound to play. To disable the mute button, press the “F8” key located on the top of the keyboard of your laptop.

Broken Speaker

When a speaker breaks it usually results from overplaying of loud music for long periods of time. Since the speakers on a laptop are internally built you must follow the replacement guide for your computer's speakers(speaker replacement guide).

Faint screen / bright white screen

When the laptop is turned on the screen is either very faint or just a solid white color.

Low light setting

If your computer has a dim screen your brightness may be turned down low to turn up the light simply press and hold down the “ctrl” button and press the right arrow key at the same time located at the bottom left of your computer's keyboard.

Low battery mode

If your laptop is low on battery it will automatically lower the brightness to save battery. To brighten the screen up again connect the laptop to a power source.

Broken LCD’s

If your screen is completely white and has not changed after turning the device off and on you must replace the LCD’s located in the back of the screen(LCD replacement guide)

Battery not charging

The battery does not charge when plugged in

Faulty charger

If the charger is plugged in to the laptop and the light that signifies that the laptop is charging does not turn on, then the charger is faulty and a new one must be purchased.

Faulty battery

If the charging light of the battery has turned on but the laptop battery icon does not show signs of increasing and battery life is at a minimum then your computers battery has been damaged and must be replaced. Please follow the guide(battery replacement guide) to replace the battery.

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