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Battery power draining fast/instantly

Battery is not holding a charge after being plugged in or battery is overheating and draining faster than normal

Faulty Power Cord

Check all cable connections. Make sure that the power cord is connected to a working electrical outlet, the power adapter is connected to the charger port on the computer, and the power cord is connected properly to the power adapter. Once everything is connected check for the charging light at the top left of the keyboard. If charging, the light will turn orange.

Overheated battery

If the battery is overheating quickly when in use, shut off the laptop and unplug any power cords connected to the charging port. Let the laptop sit in a cool place for around 30 minutes and try turning it back on to see if the battery overheats again.

Battery needs to be replaced

If the problems still arises, the battery may just be dead and needs replacing. Please refer to our Acer Aspire E 11 Battery Replacement guide in order to replace the laptop’s internal battery.

Touchpad freezing up

The mouse on the screen is not responding to the movements of the touchpad

Touchpad not activated

While pressing the function key(Fn), press the F7 key. This will toggle your touchpad on and off.

Computer needs restarting

Press and hold power button until the computer turns off. Wait until computer is completely off. Then press power button to turn the computer back on.

Touchpad needs to be replaced

If the problem still persists, the touchpad may need to be replaced. Please refer to our Touchpad Replacement Guide for assistance.

Display is dim or damaged

The laptop display is too dim, has cracks, is malfunctioning, or shows discoloration.

Screen brightness setting is low

Adjust the backlight brightness from the keyboard. Press and hold the Function button (Fn) and adjust the brightness using the arrow keys at the bottom right of the keyboard.

Screen has moisture/water behind it

If the screen shows discolorations it is likely due to moisture getting behind the display. Try shutting off the laptop completely and unplug the power cable. Let the laptop sit in a place where it’s warm and has little humidity so that it can dry off. After a few hours, try turning the laptop back on to see if the discoloration still shows. Unfortunately, this type of damage to the display rarely can be fixed unless it is done so immediately after getting wet so this needs to be done right away.

Blue error screen frequently shows

An error screen with a blue background frequently shows on the display when using the computer. This usually is due to the Windows Operating System encountering a significant hardware error causing the computer to crash.

Computer needs to be rebooted

Try to reboot the computer by shutting it off and unplugging any power cables that may be connected to it. After about 30 seconds, turn the computer back on and check to see if the problem returns.

Computer hardware is overheated

Hardware problems may also be due to the computer overheating. When the computer is on for extended periods, check to see that it doesn’t heat up too quickly. If it does, try to keep it in cooler and more open environments rather than in cramped spaces that could build up heat quickly when in use.

Laptop freezing up

The laptop is not responding to commands from the keyboard and mouse. The screen will appear to be frozen

Computer needs to be restarted

Press and hold power button until the computer turns off. Wait until computer is completely off. Then press power button to turn the computer back on to see if the problem disappears.

RAM needs to be replaced

Sometimes a laptop that keeps freezing up is due to a faulty RAM. It can be replaced using our RAM Replacement Guide

Motherboard needs to be replaced

If the problem still persists, the motherboard may be causing the issue and would need to be replaced. Please refer to our Motherboard Replacement Guide for more help.

Laptop won’t start

When pressing the power button, the laptop won’t turn on. If it does turn on, it doesn’t seem to boot up correctly or run programs like it should.

Battery is drained/dead

First make sure that your battery is charged. Plug the laptop into an outlet using the power cord and try to turn it on again. If this does not work, remove the battery and reinstall it to make sure is properly fitted on slot then repeat the steps above.

Battery needs hard reset

Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. The system should shut down. Disconnect the AC adapter. Gently insert a paperclip in the battery reset hole on the bottom side of the laptop. Reconnect the AC adapter and press the power button again to see if the laptop turns on and boots up.

Motherboard needs to be replaced

If the above problems still persist, it could be an issue with the motherboard. Please refer to our Motherboard Replacement Guide for help in solving this issue.

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Can't reset using setting options.

N Kao - Contestar

I cant log on to mine. It's saying it is offline and to enter my last password, I do that and it says it's wrong. How do i fix it? And I don't know what windows I have. Got it as a Christmas present

Makiyla Kennedy - Contestar

My wifi can't connect Nd there was saying troubleshoot.i try to recover and restart also wont work

Clarice Yen96 - Contestar

Hi! My laptip keeps on shutting down on its own. What could be the problem?? Does updating the windows has something to do with this?

Yola Mantua - Contestar

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