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Acer Aspire E1-532-2616 Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting page for the Acer Aspire E1-532-2616. This computer was released in February 2014.

Not Powering On; Blue Power Light is Illuminated

The laptop has a black screen but appears to be on.

Needs Hard Reset

Hold down the power button for 10 seconds and attempt to restart the computer. If this does not work, remove the battery and unplug the laptop. Wait 10 seconds then reconnect parts and try to turn it back on.

Broken Screen

If the blue light turns on when you power up the laptop, but there is no display, it could mean an issue with your internal monitor assembly. To verify this issue, plug the laptop into an external monitor. Then, use the split screen button to mirror the image onto the external monitor. If display shows on the external monitor, then the problem is most likely with the internal display hardware or a configure setting for the monitor.

Not Powering On; Blue Power Light is NOT Illuminated

The laptop has a black screen and seems to have no power.

Faulty Connection

If the power light is not showing at all, first verify that the power cable is plugged in, properly attached to the computer, and that none of the connections feel loose. Also, verify the battery is properly seated in the underside of the PC

Faulty Power Cable

If all the connections are good, then verify that the light on the ac adapter is illuminated. If the light does not display, verify that the outlet has power. If the outlet has power, then the ac adapter is faulty.

Internal Issue

If the power cable is operational and connected, then there is an internal power problem on the laptop.

Short Battery Life

The laptop's battery life seems to shorten over time.

Too Many Programs Running

If you have too many programs or too taxing programs, the computer is forced to work a lot harder than it would otherwise. To see if this is true, open the task manager on the laptop. If the CPU usage is over 10% idle, then try to close some of the more taxing programs then monitor the battery life.

Old Battery

The battery will lose strength over time. Out of the box the expected life of the laptop from 100% to 0% is Idle mode 10:05, DVD 4:00, and load 1:32. This can drop by up to 30% from excessive use or poor charging practice. For battery replacement, consult this page.

Display Too Bright

If the display is set to a high brightness lower it. Higher brightness settings are a significant drain on the computers battery

Overheating Computer

The laptop becomes very warm while using.

Computer Not Properly Ventilating

When using the computer, make sure that the openings for ventilation are not covered. (For example, placing the the computer on a bed could inhibit the computer’s ventilation.)

The computer could also have dust in the fan vents, blocking air flow. Use a compressed air duster to expel the dust from the vents.

Heat Distribution Issue

The thermal paste on your heatsink plays an important part in moving and distributing heat. This paste may have deteriorated and should be reapplied to the heatsink.

The heatsink could be damaged, causing inefficient airflow throughout the computer. This requires the user to replace the heatsink.

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