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ASUS K200MA-DS01T Troubleshooting

The slim 2014 ASUS K200MA features an 11.6-Inch LCD display with a touchscreen and touchpad (ASUS Global, n.d.). It is powered by a dual-core Intel Celeron processor (CBS Interactive Inc., n.d.).

Asus Laptop Pro Won't Turn On

Computer Will Not Boot.

Bad Charging Cable

Try charging computer with current plug to see if the problem is with the charger or the computer itself. If computer doesn't charge try charging with a new charging cable to confirm. If your charging cable is bad the computer will run off a battery but wont charge. Make sure your battery isn't too low to properly diagnose a bad charging cable.

Bad/Dead Battery

If the charging cable is not the problem, it is possible that the problem is with the battery. With a dead or bad battery the computer will run fine off the charging cable but will turn off when unplugged. A bad battery can be due to not accepting a charge, the computer may not recognize the battery, or the battery may be recognized as charged but fails to power your computer. Try replacing the battery in the computer.

Damaged Hard Drive (HDD)

If the new charging cable and battery don't work, the problem could be the hard drive. The hard drive could be damaged, corrupted or erased. If the hard drive is corrupted or damaged, try buying and installing a new hard drive.Typically before a hard drive becomes corrupted or damaged, it makes abnormal sounds. If you hear something unusual, back up all data as soon as possible. If the hard drive is just erased, try reinstalling your operating system back onto it.

Device is Overheating

Extremely high temperature of laptop air outlet. The bottom of the laptop will feel hot to the touch and the fan will be continuously running at maximum speed. Device may spontaneously shut down to protect hardware from damage.

Clogged/Damaged Fan

The CPU fan is either blocked or broken. The fan can get clogged with dust over time or it may be physically or electrically damaged. In either case, you will have to remove the fan and heatsink. To gain access to these parts, you will have to remove the keyboard. Once you have access, follow these steps: first, try to clean dust build up by blowing on the CPU or using a compressed air duster.You can also use a vacuum at a safe distance or a cotton swab with a drop of alcohol. If you use a vacuum or compressed air, be sure to hold the fan in place, as it can be damaged if it revolves in the wrong direction. If the fan is broken, you will have to replace it with a new one. To remove keyboard and clean or replace fan, refer to the fan guide below.

Needs New Thermal Paste

The thermal paste is a high heat conduction compound that is used between the CPU and the heatsink to help conduct heat more efficiently. You can tell if the paste needs to be replaced if it is hard, dried out or cracked. Again, you will need access to your heatsink CPU, so you will need to remove your keyboard. Once you have access, follow these steps:

first, using something soft so as not to leave marks, remove the old thermal paste. Next, clean the CPU and heatsink with a cloth and some rubbing alcohol. Finally, apply a small amount of new thermal paste to the CPU chip.

When you are finished with these steps, you can reassemble your device.

Speaker Not Working

Speaker does not emit sound using Windows 10.

Device Manager Not Processing

First, find and open your Device Manager page using Start on your display, then select your sound card under Sound, video, and game controllers. Select the Driver tab and Update Driver. If you cannot find a new driver, use the Asus website to locate your driver and follow the instructions. Other alternatives include restarting your audio driver by right-clicking (tap and hold) your driver and select Uninstall. You can also use the generic audio driver that comes from Windows by right-clicking (tap and hold) your audio driver in Device Manager, selecting Update Driver Software, browse and choose selected drivers from list, click High Definition Audio Device and Next, and follow instructions.

Faulty Cables

Make sure cables are not loose or inserted into the wrong jack, power and volume levels are turned on (even when using a speaker app), you are using the right USB port, and headphones are not plugged in.

Device is Not Set as Default

When using a USB or HDMI cable, you need to make sure you set your device as the default by opening Start and the Sound page. Then select your device, and set as Default on the Playback tab.

Audio Enhancement Turned On

From the Playback tab, select Default Device > Properties > Enhancements > Disable all enhancements.

Screen Won't Turn On

Computer retains unresponsive black screen or blurred screen

Device is Turned on But Display Remains Black

When you have confirmed that the computer is running but the screen remains black, connect the AC adapter and charge the device. Make sure to remove any external electronics and memory expansions. Disconnect the AC adapter and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Restart computer.

Driver of Graphic Card Not Installed or Wrong Edition

Display problems can occur do to the graphic card, which you must update or buy a new one. If it is simply an update problem, you can go to the ASUS official site and reinstall the latest addition.

Memory Problem

Any expansion to the memory will need to be removed

After Attempting Other Troubleshooting:

If you attempt any of the other troubleshooting resolutions and are unsuccessful, then it is possible that you have a dysfunctional cable or broken graphics card. If that is the case, then those items will have to be replaced.

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