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ASUS G73JH-BST7 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with your ASUS G73JH-BST7.

The Computer Will Not Charge

The computer shows that it is not charging

Faulty Power Adapter

Ensure the power adapter is plugged into an outlet, and into the computer. If the charging light is not on, then the power adapter is faulty. Consider purchasing a new power adapter.

Faulty Battery

Make sure the battery is in place correctly. If the laptop only powers on when the adapter is plugged in, despite charging time, then your battery is faulty. Replace the battery using this guide.

Bad Network Connection

The computer will not connect to the internet.

Incorrect Network

Make sure the correct wireless network is selected. Also, make sure the password was entered correctly. If the problem persists, try connecting with an ethernet cable connected directly to the router. If the problem persists, contact internet service provider.

Fan Malfunction

The computer is hot to the touch, or the fan constantly runs.

Running in Hot Environment

The computer may be in a spot with poor air circulation or under direct heat. Move it to a cooler location, with better air circulation. If the problem persists, see the next possible cause.

Extended Use

The computer may have been running for too long. Shut it off for at least 20 minutes, then check again. If the problem persists, see the next possible cause.

Dirty Fan

Try the previous solutions. If the problem continues, the fan may be dirty. Use a can of air to clean the fan.

Memory Shortage

There is not enough memory to store new files.

Excessive Trash

Open the Recycle Bin. If it has files in it, then delete the files by emptying the Recycle Bin. This should free up some space. If more space is required, consider purchasing additional SD Hard Drives. For removing or adding SD Hard Drives use this guide.

Lack of Memory

This computer has room for two hard drives. If only one hard drive is installed, insert an addition hard drive. If two hard drives are already installed, consider buying an external drive.

Faulty Keyboard

The keyboard does not work properly.

Jammed Key

Keys may be jammed in place or a key is occasionally skipped. Try prying the key back into place, but be careful. If that does not work, a new keyboard is needed.

System Errors

The Screen of Death may be blue or gray. It is a system crash that can happen randomly.

Screen of Death

Once the Screen of Death occurs, restart the computer. If the Screen of Death occurs often, contact customer service. The ASUS customer care number is 1 (888) 678-3688.

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