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Malfunctioning tail lights are a danger to everyone on the road.

If your tail light is not working, check the fuse to see if it is burned out. If the fuse is out, a new fuse should solve your problem.

If the tail light is not turning on but the actual light seems to be fine, there may be a problem with the brake light switch. An adjustment to the brake light switch (located on the top of the brake pedal) may be able to fix it.

If the bulb is broken, replacing it with a new one should fix your problem. More information for this repair can be found here.

Engine noises are an indication of reduced performance.

If your air filter is dirty it will hinder engine efficiency. The air filter is essential to the engine in that it allows clean air to run through the engine as well as prevent debris from entering the engine. You may need to replace your air filter.

Misfiring spark plugs can reduce engine performance and fuel economy since they are responsible for igniting the vehicle's fuel supply. Replacing them may increase your engine's performance.

Poor acceleration reduces your car's performance and is less fun to drive.

Driving with a flat tire not only reduces acceleration and fuel economy, but it is also unsafe. Replacing the flat tire or adding more air to a low tire should boost overall performance of your vehicle. For more information on changing a tire on your Jeep Wrangler, click here.

If your vehicle's gears slip while driving, your vehicle will not be able to accelerate properly. This slippage is a sign that you will need a new transmission.

What good is a car if it won't start?

If your car won't start, be sure to check how much gas you have. If you're tank is empty, the car will not start.

If your car makes a clicking sound when you try to start it and it won't start, it is likely a dead battery. Jump starting your car will hopefully get it running again.

If your vehicle starts but then it immediately shuts off, there may be a problem with the carburetor. Making adjustments to it or replacing it may solve your problem.

An overheating engine can reduce the life of your car and the efficiency of your vehicle.

Dirty oil is much thicker and a less effective lubricant than clean oil. This causes more wear and tear on the engine. Replacing dirty oil will put less stress on the engine and hopefully stop the engine from overheating. For help changing oil see this guide.

A faulty fan clutch will not allow the engine to cool as effectively and can lead to the engine overheating. Replacing the fan clutch if it is malfunctioning should help the engine cool down.

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Brake lights turned o. And jeep shut off completely, no emergency lights nothing?

norma perez - Contestar

Brake light turned on and jeep shut off??

norma perez - Contestar

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