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My name is Ralph and I have worked on the tech side of broadcasting since 1985. While I have had the opportunity to work in high-powered transmitter engineering I have never taken advantage of it, other than a little dabbling under the direct supersvision of a qualified engineer, because anything passing more than about 50V AC is just too un-nerving. I've also been acquainted with a couple of engineers that nearly bit it after getting whacked with several hundred volts, one of which was thrown all of the way across a medium-sized transmitter shack. No thanks.

So I stick to the small stuff which, in spite of its relatively low voltage, still presents plenty of challenges, especially as things get ever smaller. I have opened opened a few iPhones, a couple of iPads and several iMacs, along with lots of workstation computers, Macs and otherwise, but most of small electronics maintenance and repair goes into things like wireless mic and intercom systems, especially the body packs which get the most repeated abuse, in spite of how much they cost. I'm mostly on the audio side, but have torn into a few cameras, SMPTE Timecode transceivers and various broadcast related items used in EFP and ENG.