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Who Am I?

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I am a Wyoming born and raised runner, biker, hiker, explorer, creator, and maker who left behind the pronghorn and snow capped mountains for San Luis Obispo and the California Polytechnic State University. I entered as a mechanical engineer who was destined to create the next gizmo that would transform the world and left with a BA in a progressive new interdisciplinary degree called Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies with concentrations in Appropriate Technology and Integrated Environmental Design. I call The Establishment home, a 19 bedroom "intentional community", that allows for a high density low carbon lifestyle within a relatively rural setting and I am interested in integrated living from environmental, social, and creative vantage points. When not at work (here at the awesome headquarters of iFixit) or at home, I can be found on the miles of trails leading to local summits, enjoying a cappuccino at a cafe, bouldering at the local climbing gym, or working on a project at the local maker space.

When not making sure that all you awesome fixers are getting high quality working components for you devices, I'm always busy building, creating, and tinkering. From a bicycle powered blender I build in High School for my Sustainable Smoothies stand at a farmers market to a custom CNC routed model of Yosemite Valley, I'm always trying to learn new skills and make cool stuff. Take a peek at some of my project and writing at

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