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  • To build a PC, like my mom, and my 2 uncles did
  • To disassemble anything I am allowed to disassemble and to post it on ifixit
  • To record for YouTube
  • To one day play WOW with my mom and do raids with her (I'd probably pick monk for the mobility (well I think because I see a lot of the monks have lots of mobility unless there's another class for that...))


  • Steam
  • ifixit
  • To disassemble things
  • To unscrew anything that has a Phillips screw or Flathead screw
  • To get some custom parts on a list for a future build on PCPartPicker
  • To watch YouTube
  • To play Spiral Knights and Minecraft
  • To watch my mom play WOW on her computer almost everyday and watch her get pissed off at her raid group for being ignorant (lol)
  • To go on Noteflight and make some music
  • Talking on Steam or Skype (I prefer Steam because it doesn't take up that much data as Skype does and because I have to use Steam for 90% on what I do on my laptop)


  • To play on my PC
  • A life