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You've seen Fast 'N' Loud we do that for desktops and laptops!

If you are like me you like thing to go fast. Cars, bikes, lawn tractors, and the occasional zero turn I like them to go fast and loud! However, with a computer or computing device everyone wants it to start quick, move quick and be as quiet as it can and still do the jobs reliably. If you also like things to look different from the standard way everyone else's items look I can do things custom. If you don't like the green light on the power button and you want it white and bright then if I can get that color led then I can change it. If it is too small or might cause the device to not work then we'll need to leave it. What am I saying a larger size is always easier to work on and customize. I like AMD APUs and Intel SOCs because they run quicker, can do more with less and can be built smaller. You now can have a powerful PC in the space of a shoe box if you choose.

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