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My job title? Director of Education Services, Senior Technical Writer, and Resident Astrophysicist at iFixit. As my side-job I am a massage therapist focusing on medical massage.

What do I do around here? Technical writing, advocacy, conference planning, project management, spreadsheet wrangling...a little bit of everything. Mostly I support our team of educators and students who are teaching the world to fix their stuff. I also serve as the stress police—issuing hugs and high-fives when duty calls.

All funny-business aside, I keep myself out of trouble with a million and one passions. Topping the charts we have solar physics, cheese-making, puppet-making, gardening, reading, cooking (and eating!), sewing, power-tool-weilding, backpacking, painting, black and white photography (you know, with "reel" film), and balloon sculpting.

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I am particularly fond of pumpkins, hedgehogs, and hugs. My heroes include Mr. Rogers and Jim Henson. I also have a lot of friends named Jeff, and a strong affinity for breakfast sandwiches.

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La Palma is one of the most beautiful places I have been.

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