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Who Am I?

I recently graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and joined iFixit as a Content Analyst. You’ll find me on the Answers Forums soaking in the vast knowledge shared by the renowned Greybeards and admired Master Techs. Before joining iFixit, I developed my DIY repair skills doing household repairs: unclogging and clearing “dead” garbage disposals, fixing a leaky refrigerator, etc.

First Repair

My laptop was running hot and the battery only lasted 2 hours. After using Coconut Battery, I knew I needed to replace the battery since it was close to reaching 1000 cycles. Replacing the battery in an early 2015 MacBook Air was surprisingly easy thanks to this guide and video. Here’s to another 6+ years! My next repair will be another battery replacement on a much more problematic device, the iPhone 8. It looks more challenging but I’ve at least moved past the mystery of the inside of electronics.

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I caught the repair bug…

After opening up the iMac I felt confident in just opening up some random devices I have laying around. My old GameCube controller needed some new buttons and to be cleaned out so that’s what I did. There’s really not much to it besides some buttons, springs and wires.

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Outside of iFixit

When I am not working, I spend my time exploring the peaks and beaches of the Central Coast or at one of the great local music venues catching up on a year of lost performances. I can’t get enough of physical media, whether it be DVDs, vinyl, or books. What’s the point of having favorite movies, music, and stories if you can’t own your share?

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Favorite Album: Revolver - The Beatles

Favorite DVD: Lord of The Rings: Extended Edition

Favorite Book: “Storm of Swords” - George R. R. Martin

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