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Hi there! My name is Liam McKenzie and I’m a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth majoring in mechanical engineering .

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My interest in engineering started when I was very young. I always really enjoyed cars and loved building Lego sets as much as possible. Putting together and creating Lego sets was always my favorite past time. My interest in cars really began freshman year of high school when I took an auto class. In this class I learned all about the parts of engines, how they work, and about the other aspects of cars. This was easily my favorite class, and I even got to learn basic maintenance like tire replacement and oil changes.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to work in a shop or on a large scale project, so my repair knowledge is very limited. I still use the things I was taught often, but would like to learn more. This is one reason I am excited to use and learn from iFixit.


  • Strong communication
  • Time management
  • Java
  • Hard-working

Repair Experience

  • Car repairs
    • Oil change
    • Tire replacement
    • Battery replacement


  • Working out
  • Video games
  • Cooking