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I'm a FREELANCE CAD OPERATOR and part time GENERAL HANDYMAN. '''So I'm a very technical orientated person, I'm also a very persistent person with a bit of perfectionism issues which can sometimes be a negative thing especially with majority of CAD work being very deadline orientated. If there is something I don't know, I will make every effort needed I'm learning about and gathering information for that specific subject. I enjoy researching and through researching I am able to gather the most important information needed so that I have a ''general understanding of that subject, in the shortest possible time frame. “This way of learning has proven useful to me as I am able to decide on whether I think the current subject will be useful to me and worth spending more time and effort in perfecting that area's knowledge base and or skill sets. “ Most of my skills and experience are self taught with the exception of a few skills, but the skills I do have are also always improving and getting stronger as I use every opportunity I am blessed with to better perfect my skill sets or the chance to learn new ones.'

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