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School- California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Major—Industrial Engineering I love IE's philosophies of reducing waste and making work better!

Aspirations—I want to contribute in making the workforce safer for the environment and humans.

Skills— I have a fair amount of grit. If I don't fully understand something I don't shy away from asking questions. I enjoy working in groups because I think that everyone has particular strengths and a cohesive group brings out the best strengths in all of its members.

Repair experience— I like fixing things around the house. I live in an older house and often door knobs get broken or toilets stop functioning. I like doing those small repairs. I also would love to be able to fix a phone screen or computer.

Groups/memberships—Systems Optimization Club!

Hobbies—I love being outside and being active. I also love to cook with and for friends!

How does this project relate to you?- I think that this project speaks to me on a personal level. My mother has pulmonary hypertension which makes her most likely to need a ventilator if she ever contracts covid-19. I would hope that if this happens, the nurse or doctor would be able to provide her a working ventilator or be able to fix one themselves for my mom to use.

Any other fun facts you’d like to add?— Back in the Bay I have a cat named Sushi but in SLO, my house has extremely friendly "wild" rabbits that have essentially become backyard pets.