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Hi! Welcome to my profile, my name’s Matthew. I am a Senior at Eastern Washington University, and I am majoring in General Business Administration with a minor in Marketing! My dream is one day to use the business skills I have acquired here to plant and run a church.

I am proficient in Microsoft Office products, as well as the Adobe Suite. I am well versed in both Mac and PC use, and can do a bit of coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C# as well.

I am a musician, and I love musical instruments of all kinds. One of my favorite things to repair is my acoustic guitar. There are many factors to consider when maintaining your guitar, which is why I will be writing my fixit manual on guitar maintenance.

I have received several awards and scholarships, not the least of which being the presidential scholarship here at EWU. I have also been recognized by several other schools that I have attended for my hard work ethic, and drive to succeed.

I run a songwriting club with some of my friends, where we get together once a week and work on songs that have been near to our hearts lately. We sing, we laugh, and we do life together.

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My dream guitar :)

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My dream dog. :)