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I am self-taught in the field of iphone and ipod repair. My pursuit began one cold day when my own iphone fell off my lap and onto the pavement :( Now I help people with affordable repair in my local area. My business has grown and I have created a good reputation for myself within the community. I am trying to expand my services to continue helping people out. The portable devices are so nice these days...but so expensive.

Recently, I have learned how to reflow and have had success with board-level repair. I have many more techniques I am trying to learn! Any advice is appreciated and welcome :)

Update: I have successfully repaired over 85 different models of phone, iPods, tablets, and gaming devices. Over 2,000 repairs in all. I am usually much less expensive than other repair options and I pride myself in saving the community money.

I thank everyone for their answers and input. This is a great resource for all!

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