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Hello, my name is Dalton Lewis, this is my third year as a Visual Communication Design student at Eastern Washington University. I’ve been here for three years where I plan to graduate at least in the next two years. MY graphic design skills may not be the best because I have not learned too much yet but I do have other skills. I will say that my graphic design skills will probably be better than the average person. Throughout my years as a college student I have obtained a skills set to give me the opportunity to contribute to our team more. For example, one of the main skills I have learned is how to be professional not just in person but through online as well. I do not have much experience with fixing electronic products because I have not had much of the opportunity to do so. However, I do have experience with using tools where I have worked with appliances and knowing how to repair appliances but I do not have much experience fixing things in general. I have organization skills as well as design skills, I know how to use tools, tools however I do not have much experience repairing electronic products.