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Hey world! As you all can probably see, I am very new to this forum, but I am addicted to it! I am on it during any of my free time, and it now occupies my weekends from 6am-11pm. I'm sure whoever is reading this is probably wondering who in the world would write that answer (I mean, come on! How dumb can he be!). I know, I know, I am probably just some dumb high schooler who has no idea what he is doing. Just wait till I get 10k rep... you'll understand [Err... the day will never come!].


-Fixed a water damaged iPhone 6s

-Became friends with the tech department at my school

-Got a tour of the school server room/MDF room (the AC is SOOOOO loud!)

-Became friends with a stray cat (he now has moved across the United States with us!)


The pro tech toolkit is totally worth it!

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