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Currently I am senior at Eastern Washington University. I am pursuing a career in Public Health with hopes of returning to nursing. Graduation with Public Health is right around the corner for me, I plan to graduate this winter. As for nursing, I am applying in December in hopes to add 2 more years to my education. I am not sure yet what skills I can bring to this project since I am not very technology driven, but I love learning new things and getting feedback from people. I also have a pretty open mind and I am a very organized and neat person which I think can help me contribute organization to the project. I haven’t taken many classes that must do with technology but I have had plenty of classes in which I need to work with others to help make a project better. With that said I have taken some courses like GIS and CPLA, computer classes, which have helped me become a little more tech educated, but I also am excited to learn more about how technology can have an impact and be helpful. I haven’t had much experience with any tools, repair, DIY, etc.