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Hi There,

My name is Augie. I'm a cartoonist, world traveler, and professional yoyo player. AND (that's a big and), maybe best of all, I'm also an iFixit employee.

My dad was a tech repair man in the 1980s and early 90s. He showed up everyday to work for IBM in a shirt and tie, with a briefcase full of greasy tools, a giant Fiat-sized cellphone in his car's center console, and a pager on his belt for emergencies. He'd get down and dirty working on huge million dollar printers and all sorts of other machines that kept IBM going.

He was the one who inspired me to work with my hands, to fix things, and to have a general curiosity about how things work. I'm glad he made me into a tinkerer. I consider my working here at iFixit to be in his honor.

Besides working here at iFixit, I'm most excited about travel. I've been to 15 countries or so and have seen both extreme wealth and extreme poverty. What I love about fixing things is that it truly empowers people. It saves them money, keeps their essentials running, and builds their confidence. It's truly a skill that helps change lives, and it's something that I'm proud to be apart of it.

Cheers for reading,