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Overview ¶ 

- Name: Jackson McDaniel

- Job Description: Tracker and Slayer of Bugs

- Studying: Software Engineering

- Favorite Programming Language: C (I have a love hate relationship with pointers)

- Free time: Sports and Cars and Music

- Video Games: Not too much anymore, but DotA 2 is the GOAT

- Favorite time wasting website: Internet For The Day

- Is it a Cookie?: No

The Beginning ¶ 

Ever since I was little, I've loved taking things apart to see how they work. I was always fixing broken things and learning how they functioned. For that reason, I always thought that I was going to be a mechanical engineer, but alas, I enjoy those dang computer thingies too much.

Now ¶ 

So now I'm a third year Software Engineering Student at Cal Poly and I enjoy spending my time building websites and writing code in general. My favorite class that I've taken at Cal Poly so far is the dreaded CPE 357, which has a reputation as being the hardest computer science class at Cal Poly. While it was quite difficult, I learned more than I thought possible in 10 weeks and became a much better programmer in the process.

When I'm not in class, studying, or coding, I like to go to the gym and play sports like tennis, basketball, and ping pong. I also love playing and listening music. For playing, my instrument of choice is the drumset, and I've been playing since the 4th grade. For listening, I bought a pair of broken Klipsch La Scala loudspeakers and restored them with my roommate. I also fixed a broken 15" subwoofer, and together they make plenty of noise.

I also have a car, and it's probably the thing that I spend the most time, energy, and money on.

My 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe (Raijin) ¶ 

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I've loved the G35 (sedan and coupe) since it came out, so when it came time for me to buy my first car, I knew what it had to be. I saved and waited for the perfect one to appear on craigslist, and when it did I pulled the trigger. I do all the maintenance I can myself and have modified the suspension and braking components to be better suited for 'spirited' driving. Unfortunately my car is an automatic, but I plan on carrying out a manual swap soon.

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