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I have been in Experimental Physics research for over 25 years involving particle accelerators, raging from a small machine that I had built at my home institute, to the RHIC @ BNL and LHC @ CERN. I have also worked as a NASA visitor in JPL (Caltech). At my home institute (IOP, Bhubaneswar), for several years I had been in-charge of a 3MV machine and supervised a lot of maintenance work involving, HV, high vacuum, low temperature and electronic modules used for Nuclear Physics experiments. I am a passionate physicist with love for hands on work. Recently I have retired and am a visiting professor @ Utkal University as well as IOP, Bhubaneswar. I love "Ifixit" since the first time I used its instructions for the replacement of the keyboard in my son's MBP almost a year back. Later also I was guided by the site to repair a Macbook air with a faulty airport card. I am certainly not an electronics expert but can guide others from my own experiences whenever required.

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