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I love computers. I am an aspiring computer engineer (and a current Senior in high school). I am on our school's robotics club as the lead CADer and 3D designer, and outside of school, I love just about anything having to do with computers. Since the age of 5, where the first thing I ever took apart was a treadmill, I have been hooked on disassembling anything and everything to see how it works. I'm not sure of my take-apart count as an exact number, but I have taken apart no less than fifty computers, thirty printers, 150 hard drives, and so much more. I also build many projects as well. As you can see by my profile picture, I have built a 3D printer from scratch (no directions), as well as from mostly 3D-printed parts. I have also built a fully-functional backyard aluminum/brass/copper forge, a twenty foot tall trebuchet, and quite a bit more. Feel free to ask me any questions about what's inside or outside of electronics, and I'll try my best to answer your questions!

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  • Quantum ProDrive LPS 240MB IDE HDD (Early '90s) Teardown
  • Quantum ProDrive LPS 240MB IDE HDD (Early '90s) Teardown