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Hello, dear visitors of the website ifixit, I will tell a little about myself.

My name is Robert - I was born and I live in the city of New York, education secondary technical, the main the profesiya-power engineering specialist.

Since the childhood I was fond of radio engineering, for those times it was the top of children's dreams, and desire of many young talents.

Of course not everything managed smoothly, wearisome searches of the necessary radio components sometimes brought into disappointment, but relentless desire to achieve result, did the part.

The first pleasures in successfully made work, suppressed all chagrin much, and gave confidence in tomorrow.

Over time thirst of knowledge of what that new, inevitably prompted to be engaged in studying of other areas of technical knowledge and applied sciences in what I still am not sorry.

My friends, on the ifixit pages, I want to offer you useful information about different hand-made articles for the house, and also in the field of digital technologies.