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Hello All

My name is Madison Fleming, I am a second year Industrial Technology student at Cal Poly- SLO. I spend the majority of my time outdoors partaking in a multitude of fun activities like running, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, biking... pretty much any activity involving sunlight, physical activity, or nature is my sort of hobby.

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I am always trying to learn new hobbies as well; most recently I am trying to teach myself guitar, perfect my yogi headstand, and learn to wire wrap my own jewelery.

Fun facts:

1) Food is my obsession: I love plant-based, yummy, and creative recipes to try. I see food as a beautiful basic necesseity that all of us humans can relate to and build community around.

2) I have a nervous laugh. Ask me about some pretty terrible stories where my nervous laugh came in to play....

3) Number one on my bucketlist is to travel to all 7 continents which reveals the fact that I have a terrible case of wanderlust. I cannot think of a place I don't want to travel to.

4) Probably many more fun/not-so-fun facts about me that I cannot think of currently.

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