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My name is Hali Ramirez and I am presently majoring in Business Management at Eastern Washington University. I am extremely interested in the ways of business and I am enjoying it immensely. Within this major I take a lot of Finance, Marketing and Accounting courses, all which have proved to be very interesting. Although I am a junior, this is my second year EWU. I plan to graduate next spring, as I am hoping to complete my degree in three years, due to a year of running start in high school. I am a fairly strong writer, good with collaboration, and pay great attention to detail. These are some skills that I hope to utilize during the course of this project. I do not however have very much experience with the hands on aspect of this project. As far as DIY, repair and tools, I am not the most qualified. However, I am an extremely quick learner and I aspire to learn more about technology. I am very excited to contribute in this project because I firmly believe in active learning. This is something I am doing not only to help me and my technical writing skills, but also to help the environment.

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