Oh hello! My name is Kay-Kay Clapp. I know what you’re thinking—is that your real name? But what is a real name anyway? This is what my mama calls me, so it must be real!

I’m the Community and Outreach Manager here at iFixit. I’m thrilled to work with such a badass community and help spread the word of the fix. Before I joined the iFixit family, I spent the past 5 years working at different tech companies in this place I call SLOme. In that time, I worked across almost every role in the Marketing department: I researched the markets, cold-called until I wanted to cry, managed events and made vendors fear me, spammed the masses with emails, and implemented those new slick marketing applications that coders love to help you integrate— I’m talkin’ ‘bout choo Salesforce and Marketo. More about that here if you’re interested.

When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said “taller”. I’m fluent in parseltongue, an amateur adventurer, and I eat everything with a side of rice. In my spare time, I enjoy covering gangster rap songs on my ukulele, tap dancing in my garage, and frolicking in Middle Earth and the Forest of Endor.

Also mother to this 19 lb bundle of joy: Pigwidgeon Samwise Kristofferson Von Clapp, or Pig for short.

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