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The Xbox One Wireless Controller 1537 (7MN-00001), was released in 2013 and was bundled with the original Xbox One gaming console, but was also sold separately. This controller shares some resemblance to its predecessor, the Xbox 360 controller, but changes have been made:

  • The Start and Back buttons found on the 360 controller have been replaced with the Menu and View buttons, respectively.
  • The triggers on the Xbox One controller have been mounted with individual rumble motors to enhance the gaming experience.
  • The thumb sticks feature a coarse texture on the edges to allow the gamers’ fingers to grip the thumb sticks better.
  • The Xbox button now glows white when the controller is switched on.
  • The standard color of the controller is all black however some limited edition colors have been released.
  • The X, Y, B, and A buttons are the only colored parts of the controller.
  • The controller also features a micro-USB cable at the top of the controller to enable charging while plugged into the console and connecting for use with computers.

The controller can alternatively be identified by a label inside the battery panel on the back that reads "Wireless Controller for Xbox One".