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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G3, Carnegie Fall 2018

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Etiqueta del equipo: EWU-CARNEGIE-F18S1G3

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This is team 3 of iFixit EWU. We are Tyler, Brooke, Jordan and Britney.

Britney: I am a VCD student at Eastern Washington University. This is my senior year. I do many DIY projects as a hobby so hopefully that creativity can be passed down to this. I have put together and built many pieces of furniture at least, and know basic tools like a hex key.

My name is Brooke Asbury and I am currently working on my major in Health Sciences. Some valuable skills I have for the project would be, being a good communicator and contributing equally. I have currently no experiences with DIY, repair, tools etc. It's not so much my field of interest and don't understand much of it so I don't know how much beneficial I'll be, but going to try my best and think I can learn fast.

Jordan: I am currently a student at Eastern Washington University majoring in Electrical Engineering. I have been at Eastern for a couple of years now. I have moderate experience with DIY projects with fixing a few phone and laptop screens, video game controllers, furniture and cars.

My name is Tyler Fabian-Lowney and I am currently majoring in Technical Communications, I have also studied some art I have some DIY experience and I consider myself to have a pretty good knowledge of technology. I am good at design and writing and I think that will be very useful to the group.