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Eastern Washington University, Team 2-7, Crane Winter 2017

We are a student driven team based out of Eastern Washington University. There are 3 members in its entirety and we're here to provide easy to follow guides for everybody to learn from.

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Etiqueta del equipo: EWU-CRANE-W17S2G7

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Our team members are:

Abdulmuhaimen Albudrees, who is a sophomore at EWU and his intended major is to be an electrical engineer. That being said he is proficient in computer programming, working with digital circuitry, and he already has experience working with phones and other small devices. He also studied electric technology when he got his diploma from Dammam city college..

Michael Manning, , Currently a sophomore at Eastern Washington University majoring in technical communication. He values learning about new products and fixing old products. He has experience working with small tech repair such as laptops and cellphones.

Terrance Gallaher, is a senior here at EWU and has an intended major of Visual Communication Design. Terrance is proficient in Adobe design programs and has worked on only small devices, (phones etc.). However Terrance is also experienced in photography, web design, and printmaking as well.