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Eastern Washington University, Team 1-3, Rowley SU 2015

Tien has skills associated with electrical device functionality. Ted is experienced in working with electronic devices. Denise is skilled in design and photography. David is experienced in document design and usability.

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Etiqueta del equipo: EWU-ROWLEY-SU15S1G3

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Tien Nguyen's skills with electrical devices combined with his past team contributions make him an excellent choice as a leader. Hence, Tien is responsible for leadership in our group.

Ted Moreland's experience in working with electronic devices makes him a great choice for troubleshooting. Thus, Ted is responsible for troubleshooting.

Denise Wyman's skills in design and photography make her a wonderful choice for a photographer. Therefore, Denise is responsible for device and photo.

Dave Reeder's experience with document design makes him an outstanding choice for writing guides. Consequently, Dave is responsible for repair guides.