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Rebuilding Toolbox

thephoton -

Mi Problema

I have bought many good and bad tools over the years, but my last set of both small and large screwdriver bits were so soft that after one or two screws and they were totally useless. The torx bits were not even made correctly. The only good tool in the box was the bit holder. I have been searching for a new bit set and some tools to assist with opening small snap together cases and other parts that need to be replaced.

Mi Solucion

First repair after receiving the tools was to replace the batteries in my key fobs. Using the iSesamo Opening tool worked perfectly. Using two of them really helped. Didn't even scratch the plastic. The high quality finishing process used on this and the other tools has made those very small and/or thin edges very smooth and bur free, reducing the chance of scratches. The larges size iSesamo made it very easy to handle and open the small snap together case.

Mi Consejo

My advice is to search for companies like ifixit that offer high quality tools. The tools will last you a lot longer and save you money in the long run. Cheap poorly made tools only make the job harder, cost more because you need to keep replacing them and risk really making a scratched up mess out of softer plastics and metals.

Spend a few minutes doing the research, read the reviews posted by others, read the return/warranty policy and don't settle for the tools that cost more to ship than the tool itself - it is probably junk. Build your toolbox with the thought of passing it on to the next generation or team - they will thank you for it.

Lastly, buy from local companies whenever possible and help your local economy.

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