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iPhone 4S Front Glass Shattered

Chandler Skinner -

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Mi Problema

I was getting into the car and I pulled my iPhone 4S out of my pocket. I was looking at the iPhone while I was going to buckle my seatbelt and for some reason the seatbelt came down and crashed to left of the home button and shattered the iPhone 4S screen.

Mi Solucion

I purchased an iPhone 4S LCD/digitalizer from a third-party because Ifixit didn't sell it at the time. I practiced a few times before the part came in to make sure I had mastered it before I got it so I didn't mess up the iPhone. I put the screen on the iPhone after mastering it with my practice tries and everything works fine. I'm so happy that it was that easy and only cost me $50.

Mi Consejo

I recommend if you're holding your iPhone while buckling your seatbelt you look at the base of the seatbelt where the seatbelt goes in. Do not look at your iPhone because for some reason wherever you're looking seems to be where the seatbelt goes.

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