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Just a quick replacement job

Kyle -

Mi Problema

A coworker dropped their iPod touch twice onto a cement driveway, cracking the glass. They asked me to replace it rather than pay $35 and have a three week wait.

Mi Solucion

Started fixing theirs, and cracked the LCD in the process. Swapped out the screen from my ipod and ordered a replacement screen. The replacement didn't come with a home button, so now I'm down a home button. :( so I ordered one of those, put it in, and now it works wonderfully. Cracked an LCD screen in the process of replacing the first one, but other than that, smooth sailing for me.

Mi Consejo

Careful with the LCD screens. They crack easily

Imagen de iPod touch (4th Gen) Adhesive Strips
iPod touch (4th Gen) Adhesive Strips


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