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samariison1 -

Mi Problema

I repair PC's by trade. But my friend, the artist, had his Mac break down and I found myself searching for another one for him. That was my start, little did I know it. I fixed a MacBook Pro A1226 next, because it was probably the only way for me to acquire a Mac laptop.

Mi Solucion

There is a lot to learn about Mac's in general. But their laptop's are great little machines. I got a hold of a MacBook Pro with only the bottom case and Logic Board intact. The rest is about finding the correct parts for that model and year of Mac. It isn't easy. The finished product is fantastic though.

Mi Consejo

One needs the correct tools, patience, nerves and want to work on a Mac. But ya get a whole lot out of it. Now I repair these machines for others. I have gone from a PC guy to a Mac guy. And I am now working on my own, second Core2Duo. Hope I have a shot at something newer someday.

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