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Ipod Nano battery replacement difficulties

lundbergaj -

iPod Nano 2nd Generation

iPod Nano 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

iPod Nano 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

45 minutos - 2 horas

Very difficult

Mi Problema

This iPod had been washed long ago, and the battery was dead

Mi Solucion

Unfortunately this iPod had been heavily used an abused by my son, such that the back of the case was a bit dented in a few spots (and the corners were a bit rounded in). The main problem seems to be that the back dents decreased the internal space to the point that the logic board couldn't slide out. I eventually put enough pressure on it to break other parts but the logic board never moved more then about 5mm.

Mi Consejo

If your iPod is too dented up, it may not be possible to slide the logic board out. It has to slide past the click wheel and it's components, and if you've lost just a little free space, it may not be possible.

Imagen Metal Spudger
Metal Spudger


Imagen iPod nano (2nd Gen) Replacement Battery
iPod nano (2nd Gen) Replacement Battery


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