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Macbook Air likes its coffee black.

jeffrey robinson -

Mi Problema

I had always said that I liked my Air so much that if anything ever happened to it I would buy another the same day. Now it was put up or shut up time. The law of probability catching up with me, I finally accidentally spilled my coffee over the left front side of the keyboard, and not just a few drops. I quickly shut it down, closed the unit and held it hinge up to drain coffee from the inner works. I was good to my word and went to the university bookstore and bought a new MBA the same day, but was left with the question of what to do with the old one. My best hope was to dry it out, clean it up and hope for the best. Unfortunately, Apple seals the MBA with a five-slot bolt, so none of my tools would work.

Mi Solucion

iFixit to the rescue. Trolling through the web, I couldn’t find anything on the topic of water damage to MacBook Air (hence my writing this up), but did find the proper tool for sale. While waiting for it to arrive, I placed the laptop in a plastic bag with about 500 cc of uncooked rice to act as a desiccant. Five days later the tool arrived and so did the moment of truth. I opened up the bottom of the laptop, and following iFixit instructions, removed the battery and the SSD. There were a few dried coffee spots as well as a little dampness left which I carefully cleaned up with a cotton cloth. Thank goodness I didn’t have to worry about cream or sugar, as I drink my coffee black. I replaced the battery and closed up the unit. Two of the screws wouldn’t go in straight, so there are a couple of ‘battle bumps’ on the previously smooth undersurface, but other than that, it is like new.

Mi Consejo

Lessons learned:

1. Rice really can work as a desiccant.

2. Don’t buy the pentalobe wrench ahead of time, since you will need the shipping interval to dry out the unit if this happens to you.

3. Use a sippy cup.

4. Don’t accept any grief from your wife for ruining the computer until you’ve tried to resurrect it.

Imagen P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver Retina MacBook Pro and Air
P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver Retina MacBook Pro and Air


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