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Why Change the Dock Connector When You Can Just Change the Display?

Stephen Adams -

Mi Problema

My wife's screen on her iPhone 3GS was damaged and she was going to upgrade to a 4S. I figured I'd replace my dock connector with hers since my 3GS WiFi reception was all but dead. Your YouTube videos and the Installing iPhone 3GS Dock Connector Guides were VERY helpful.

Mi Solucion

I'm NOT a repair guy. Once I tried to fix the sink and we ended up calling a tow truck! But I went over and over the process in my head; I made notes from your guide and even drew out on piece of paper exactly where I would attach each screw (with tape) as I took it out. I spent just a couple bucks on a Spudger and a Suction Cup, and I figured I was ready to go.

Mi Consejo

I'm just about to unscrw the case when I realize that step three of about 17 steps is remove the display assembly. So instead of putting her dock connector on my phone, I put my display assembly on her phone. It works swell and took only a few minutes. Now we both have new phones, but mine didn't cost over $300.

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Magnetic Pickup Tool


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Suction Handle


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