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IPod Video Upgrade

leoromero -

iPod 5th Generation (Video)

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Battery Replacement

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Battery Replacement

20 minutos


Mi Problema

Hi! I bought a used iPod Video on ebay. When I received it I wanted to install a new battery to ensure I wouldn't have any charging issues since the original battery was still installed. I also decided to change out the front panel since the original panel was really marred and worn from use.

Mi Solucion

This was my second experience at taking an iPod apart and I learned allot from that first experience. Having the right tools is crucial. That I learned from the first experience. This time was a snap. I changed out both the battery and the front plate and now have a beautiful, fully functional iPod Video I plan on giving as a gift. Awesome!

Mi Consejo

I now have the knowledge, the proper tools and the experience to work on the iPods. It has turned out to be a really cool hobby for me. My advice is don't be afraid to try. The first time is always going to be an anxious one. Get the right tools and follow the great video tutorials from ifixit. You can go wrong.

Imagen de iPod Video 30 GB Replacement Battery
iPod Video 30 GB Replacement Battery


Imagen de iPod Video Front Panel (White)
iPod Video Front Panel (White)


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