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Noisy 'ol blighter !

antony -

Mac mini Model A1176

Mac mini Model A1176 Fan Replacement

Mac mini Model A1176 Fan Replacement


Mi Problema

Using an old mac mini as a lossless music server, the noisy fan in my mac mini spoilt my listening. A replacement fan from ifixit was ordered and promptly delivered.

Mi Solucion

Installation not the easiest job; step by step ifixit guide was easy to follow, informative and very comprehensive. Complete success and our noisy 'ol blighter has been silenced.

Mi Consejo

If using a mac as a music server, reducing background noise is critical. The hard disk and fan are likely to be the noisiest components in a mac mini- simply replace the fan and install a Solid State Drive. The silence is golden....

Imagen de Intel Mac mini (Model A1176) Fan
Intel Mac mini (Model A1176) Fan


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