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Putting Apple products back in service!

iPod Fix It -

Mi Problema

Recently had several jobs come in and the most difficult one being the iPad 2.

Mi Solucion

Repair went well to start. There is a lot of glue holding in the glass on the iPad 2. In the process of removing it I snagged the ribbon cable that goes to the hold switch/volume/power button and boy, what a job it is replacing that! Then there was so much glue that the wifi antenna was still stuck (see pic) to the glass and that tore off too. Anyway it cost a few buck extra but the repair went well after that. Another customer is happy and got his iPad back in a week rather than the 7 week wait Apple quoted him.

Mi Consejo

My advice is if your doing it yourself read everything on this site carefully and make sure you understand what your getting in to, Use a heat gun and not a hair dryer as you have more concentrated heat to unglue the glass, I bought one from iFixit as it was a good price even with shipping. I see so many repairs come in that the customer tried to do themselves. My advice is to go slow and pry slowly , good lighting will also help too.

Imagen de Heavy-Duty Suction Cups (Pair)
Heavy-Duty Suction Cups (Pair)


Imagen de Heat Gun
Heat Gun


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