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Blue line in screen

sbuehler -

iPhone 4 Verizon

iPhone 4 Verizon Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 4 Verizon Rear Panel Replacement

5 minutos


Mi Problema

Original problem was a cracked front screen on our COO's iphone

Mi Solucion

I ended up using another vendor's youtube video to walk me through the tear down and rebuild. I had trouble finding the correct video on your website. the only thing I could find was a vague guide that was more tips than a step by step walk through like the one i found. I cant' say if this is still an issue because our COO was literally standing next to me while I buttoned up his phone and powered it on for the first time because he was in a hurry to leave. I did notice a bright blue vertical line on the right side of the screen. He told me that he didn't care about that and took off. I haven't heard anything since to hear if it is still visible or not but I would have felt better if it never showed up.

Mi Consejo

Give yourself plenty of time and take a break or two half way through. i was so stressed half way through the tear down that i had to get up and take a break to relax a little bit. All in all i'd say it went fairly well.

Imagen P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone


Imagen iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon) Screen
iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon) Screen


Imagen iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon) Blank Rear Glass Panel
iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon) Blank Rear Glass Panel


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