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adding a SSD to Mac Mini 2012

ryanvelting -

Mi Problema

I purchased a new Mac Mini 2012 (had a 2011 and wanted to get the USB 3.0 and better cpu) and I wanted to add a SSD as the drive that will run the OS. I had good luck installing this same kit in my 2011 Mac Mini.

Mi Solucion

The "repair" went quite well but I learned from doing this before that it works best to install the SSD as the top drive and only have 1 drive connected when you go to install the OS. At first I had both connected and OSX setup both drives as 1 (fusion setup)

Mi Consejo

if you are adding a 2nd drive and not wiping both drives make sure that you install the new drive into the kit and make your current drive the top one

Imagen Mac mini Dual Drive Kit
Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


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