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iPhone 4 Home button repair

paulbrown -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

2 - 5 minutos


Mi Problema

Coz the original DIED....Nothing fun happened that caused it to die, no dropping in toilets, no leaving it on car roof then driving away, no slipping out of pocket when on rollercoaster. It just died.(perhaps overuse?!)

Mi Solucion

Simple enough - nothing too troublesome or fiddly.

Mi Consejo

My recommendation is NOT to have knee reconstruction then be pumped full of pain killers before attempting the iphone tear down. Parts are small enough without having to contend with a numbed body, blurry vision and a general feeling of happy goodwill to the entirety of humanity........

Imagen Spudger


Imagen iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly
iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly


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