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IMAC 21.5 Late 2009 Hard Drive Removal

kdeane101 -

Mi Problema

Hard Drive Crash

Mi Solucion

Just follow the tutorial and everything went smooth as possible. The tutorial was very well done with clear crystal pics of each step.

Mi Consejo

Anyone that has a late model IMac 2009 or Mid 2010 model please be aware that theres known issues on hard drive failing. Make sure you have the exact hard drive model and firmware or else you will experience fans spinning about 5500 to 7000 rpm because of that useless internal temperature sensor that Apple put in. Also good luck on finding the hard drive because it's rarely for sale since its a proprietary hard drive that is used by Apple, that is Manufacture by the company (Seagate or Western Digital) for Apple.Your unable to download the firmware so your pretty much SOL (Sh&* Out of Luck) since the Apple store has it (Go Figure). If you do find the exact hard drive and firmware get ready to break the bank on one. Your looking anywhere from 250+ for 1TB drive !!!! I found one and paid a lot of money for it but at least I had the experience on opening up the IMac for the first time which was a big plus and plus I was able to restore everything from the backup I had. Here some advice is upgrade to an SSD and get it work rather than spending countless of hours on forums about this issue !

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