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Cracked glass successfully replaced!

foosjunky -

Mi Problema

The iPad was dropped on concrete and the glass shattered. Luckily the rest of the iPad was completely functional.

Mi Solucion

It took quite a bit of time to remove the smaller pieces of glass before I was able to get enough solid glass surface(s) to get the guitar picks under. But the time was definitely worth it as my iPad is back up and running for a third of the cost of sending to Apple for out-of-warranty repair.

Mi Consejo

The iOpener has to be hot! Mine smelled a bit like popcorn when heated fully. Also note that the iOpener will release moisture as it is heated. Since the glass was already cracked, this moisture can make it's way into the hardware. I used an Xacto knife and tweezers to remove the smaller pieces of glass and used the iOpener to warm the larger pieces which were easily seperated from the case with the guitar picks.

The pictures make it seem as if the WiFi antenna is attached to the glass. It's more of a foam-rubber seal and wasn't attached. It may actually be better to treat that area like the touchscreen ribbon and avoid it entirely. Or at most, only insert the guitar pick about 1/8" in.

The guide doesn't show it but the button and camera fixtures must be removed from the existing glass and attached to the new. This is another spot where the Xacto knife comes in handy as once the old glass is off you can slide the blade under the fixtures to easily remove them. The adhesive that comes with the glass includes pieces for the button but not the camera so cut some from the waste material.

Imagen iPad 3/4 Digitizer Front Panel
iPad 3/4 Digitizer Front Panel


Imagen iOpener


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