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iPhone repair

gjohnston3 -

Mi Problema

iPhone 3GS was dropped in water. Following instructions seen on YouTube, IPhone kept in a sealed bag of rice (no silica) for three days, to allow rice to absorb moisture. Initially could not power up. After a visit to Genius Bar!!! at Apple Store, quoted approx £100.00 for repair. ( they have got to be kidding) phone wasn't worth that that amount.

Anyway, searching web came across ifixit web site and thought, what the !&&*, try and fix it myself.

Ordered the home tech tool kit.

Kit arrived about 10 days later, as indicated when I ordered it.

Tried to power up IPhone one last time before I was going to open the casing and attempt repair. Everything was working apart from back light. Ordered part, £1.98 from eBay and carried out repair. ( YouTube video step by step)

Toolkit purchased is essential, so would highly recommend.

Slightly more expensive that others advertised, but good quality.

IPhone now fully functional. £1.98 versus £100.00. Who's the genius now Apple!!!

Mi Solucion

See above

Mi Consejo

Soldering very tricky, use an iron with a fine point and make sure to allow time. It took me 90 mins from disassemble to reassemble.

Imagen Essential Electronics Toolkit
Essential Electronics Toolkit


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