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iPad rear cover replacement

dustingebhardt -

iPad Wi-Fi

iPad Wi-Fi Metal Display Clips Replacement

iPad Wi-Fi Metal Display Clips Replacement


Mi Problema

When my iPad was dropped, the rear aluminum cover was bent near the speaker output area. The lower 1/3 of the touchscreen was not recognized.

Mi Solucion

This repair was moderate in difficulty. I followed the guide to replacing the battery, and then I needed to remove the two antennas, side and top buttons, and the headphone jack.

Mi Consejo

I ended up using Elmer's rubber cement to reglue the central antrenna and battery back down. I also used the same glue to reattach all of the small rubber pads/nubs that had fallen off or had relocated themselves over the lifetime of the iPad. I glued a couple too close to the edge of the screen, so I had to nudge it back a bit when I reassembled the case.

I used several tools from the Pro Toolkit for this job. The bit driver with the small Torx bits was crucial. I could not find any bits this small at my local Big Box store. The large metal spudger to initially pry open the case, then the plastic opening tools to do the rest of the opening. I used the small and large metal spudgers to de-glue the battery from the back cover, as well as the rear antenna's foil enclosure. I used two of the tweezers to hold onto the tiny rubber pads for reglueing, without which my hands would have been covered in rubber cement.

Imagen Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


Imagen iPad Display Clip Set
iPad Display Clip Set


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